Captain: James Storey
Kick off: 9.33am

A blustery day and a game of two halves with an OK’ish effort in the first half followed by a much stronger performance from the whole team.

First Half
The match started off with some even play but with more chances coming from Loxwood. One great move from Loxwood denied them going 1:0 up.
Cranleigh replied with a strong mid field play from Bertie and Sujeen with some strong shots on goal from Oscar and Jack. After 20 minutes Loxwood took the first goal which in fairness was against the run of the game at the time. Cranleigh Blues 0, Loxwood 1

Shortly afterwards Cranleigh piled on the pressure and the ball was crossed into the goal mouth where Jack picked it up and quickly equalised. Cranleigh Blues 1, Loxwood 1

Second Half
The second half opened with some strong play by the boys and an early cross from Harvey was met by Daniel who fought hard to put Cranleigh up. Cranleigh Blues 2, Loxwood 1
Loxwood weren’t going to give up and immediately caught us unaware to make it a draw. Cranleigh Blues 2, Loxwood 2

The next 20 minutes saw Cranleigh take control of the game and the boys worked hard with some strong passing play and deep passes to the midfield and on to the strikers. The next goal came from a deep goal kick which was picked up by Harvey who managed to find the back of the net. Cranleigh Blues 3, Loxwood 2

Some great play from Sujeen with a cross into Daniel who also found the back of the net.

Cranleigh Blues 4, Loxwood 2

With only a few minutes to go Cranleigh kept off the advances of Loxwood and put pressure on their goal and we were finally rewarded by a last minute goal by Harvey giving a strong win for the boys.

Cranleigh Blues 5, Loxwood 2

Great match and a great win for the boys